Organising a wedding can be complicated, but all this apparent difficulty is directly proportional to the satisfaction and happiness that this special day can bring for any of you.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Rome, it is right to take the time to choose who best to entrust with such a delicate task, as it is important that the final result will leave you with many happy memories that will remain with you for eternity.
It is essential, therefore, to set the same goals because everything that concerns you on this particular day, also involves the photographer that is at your disposal and will offer you a service that must go beyond all your expectations.

To do so, you can resort to a superficial work that is limited to documenting the event with images that merely describe the different stages of your wedding.
This it is not my case, as I will tell everything that happens on that day, living the moment with you with the same passion, capturing the event through the pictures but also the feelings and emotions that are contained in them.

Every special event, like a wedding, has its history, its colours, its way of being told, and being able to see and understand all this is what makes a difference in between a great photographer and any other photographer in Rome.

A professional will let the spouses take centre stage, and will do his job keeping in mind what their needs and desires are, giving his best to provide the service that they had imagined and wanted to crown the most awaited day of their life.

The role of a wedding photographer involves also giving the opportunity to all of those who have had the pleasure to participate, to being able to relive every moment of the nuptials with the same happiness and intensity, even after many years have passed.

Thanks to my great experience, I had the opportunity to perfect my techniques, and I have learnt to deal with any kind of request and situation in a way that is most suitable to get the best result, whether through photographs or videos.

It is important for me to listen and learn as much as possible about my customers so as to plan my work according to they like the most, also to be at their complete disposal and to offer my professionalism and passion to those who give me the chance of expressing myself by making a passion out of my job.

There are many services that I together with my staff can offer you. To summarise only a few:

– Photo shooting and film of the wedding, from the beginning to its conclusion
– Planning of the various stages and choice of the locations
– Post-production work aimed at delivering a product in line with those that are customer’s requests.


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